12 common website errors, you should have to know about these errors.

  • by admin
  • December 12, 2019
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When you visit a website, you will definitely see your website HTTP error codes. Today I will tell you about some important errors which are very common on websites.

What are the website errors and their type?

Web page error is shown to the website visitor when something has gone wrong with the web page they have requested. The web page error can be seen by the user’s fault and the web browser does not work properly as well as and the server may be responsible too. in the web page error.

I will tell you only about three types of errors here, which is very common on websites.

  • User errors
  • Web browser errors
  • Server errors

User Errors: – These are the errors that are created by the user. When a user finds such a page on a website that is not on that website, it will show a 404 error page.it mistakes are created when the user types a wrong URL.

Web browser Error: – This is the main error that is made by the web browser when the web browser does not work properly, you can face the web browser error.

Server Error: – This is the main error that can be caused by the server. Server errors occur when the user wants to connect to your website but the server does not work properly. For example, 500 errors.

So let’s discuss some very common website errors.

  • 400 Bad request 
  • 401 Unauthorized Error
  • 403 Forbidden error
  • 404 Page not found
  • 405 Method not allowed
  • 408 Request timeout
  • 410 Gone 
  • 500 Internal server error
  • 501 Not implemented
  • 502 Bad Gateway server error
  • 503 Service Unavailable
  • 504 Gateway Timeout 

400 Bad request: – This is a very common error you must have seen this error code. When the server does not understand the web browser’s request and when something has gone wrong with your web browser. so shows 400 bad request error

401 Unauthorized Error: – This error occurs when a user tries to access a web page for which the web page is not user authorized. 

403 Forbidden Error: – This error occurs when the server is able to understand the request but it refuses to accept it for some reason. and if you try to access a forbidden directory on a website than you will get 403 error. it’s different than a 401.

common website errors

404 Page not found: – This error code must have been seen many times. This is usually shown when the user types the wrong URL or the web page it is trying to open has been deleted or that the page has been moved from its old URL location.

408 Request timeout: – You may have seen these errors. when you request the webserver for the web page and the server does not understand your request till its time limit. And apart from this, these can also happen.

  1. When the server is running slow.
  2. The user’s Internet connection does not work properly.
  3. This error will be seen when the user closes the browser, clicks the link too soon or hits the stop button.

410 Gone: –  410 error code when the user requested the server a web page that was previously on that server but now the web page is not available on that server. 410 Gone code 404 not found may look like to code. But both codes serve a different purpose. The 404 code states that the requested resource is not currently available, but it may be available in future requests. In contrast, a 410 code is a clear indication that the requested resource existed, but it has since been permanently removed and will not be available in the future.

common website errors

500 Internal Server Error: – This is a server error that shows due to some internal deficiencies in the website’s server. or something has gone wrong on the web site’s server. This deficiencies server does not understand well. 

501 Not implemented:- When this error show on your browser, it means that the user web browser has requested a feature that the browser does not support that feature.

502 Bad Gateway Server Error: – 502 Bad Gateway Server Error You can also call the service temporarily overloaded. When this error happens when the suddenly gets crowded on your website, the server shows 502 error shows for some time. As the traffic decreases the 502 error starts correcting.

503 Service Unavailable: – If the website is busy, or the website’s server is down, then you may be faced with 503 errors.

504 Gateway Timeout: – This error shows when a server does not get a timely response from another server.

Based on Wikipedia, 504 Gateway Timeout is the server that was acting as a gateway or proxy and did not receive a timely response from the upstream server