Pandemic COVID-19 transformed the world into a cemetery

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  • April 10, 2020
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The world is currently experiencing an epidemic of COVID-19. In most of the countries, the virus has been exposed. The developed countries are still failing to cope with the virus. The disease originated from the animal market of China’s Wuhan province has affected China as well as large developed countries like Italy, USA, Germany. Coronavirus especially attacks the elderly and the person who is already suffering from any type of disease like diabetes, asthma or other serious diseases. See how the Coronavirus has caused outbreaks in different countries of the world and to what extent they have been successful in dealing with it.

COVID-19 terror in different countries

Devastation after exposure to coronavirus in China

The 2019 novel Coronavirus was first found inside a woman in late December 2019 at the animal market in the Wuhan province of China. And in no time it started spreading very rapidly to other people. Due to this, in a very short time, many cases of infected people started coming and people started dying. A total of 81740 infected people have been reported so far in China. Of which 77167 have been cured and 3331 have died. China has recovered very well. The increase in new cases is negligible.

Lack of space in the graveyard in Italy

Coronavirus in Italy

After the deaths of people in China, the virus began to wreak havoc in other countries. The Italian government delayed taking certain steps in the first stage of infection with the virus and people continued to take it lightly. And the virus entered the stage 3 community spread. Due to which there was a sudden jump in the number of people infected with Coronavirus in Italy. And it became difficult for the Italian government to fight the virus. A total of 1,32,547 infected people have been reported so far in Italy. Of which 22,837 have been cured and 16,523 people have died. Italy has a very high death rate.

Ventilator shortage in the United States

The United States is a well-developed country now facing an outbreak of COVID-19. A sudden increase in the number of deaths due to the disease has been recorded. The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the US was found on January 20, 2020, of a person with a travel history from Wuhan, China. New York and New Jersey are the most affected places in America. The death rate in America is still increasing very rapidly and the virus has spread to all of its 50 states. The United States has the highest number of active cases of COVID-19 patients and ranks second in the total number of deaths from the virus. A total of 4,35,167 infected people have been reported so far in the United States, of which 22,897 have been cured and 14,797 have died.

A Good Revival by the Spanish Government

Spain may have fewer cases of infection with coronavirus than in Italy, but it is much higher according to the total population of Spain. Like other countries, the delay in taking important steps by the Spanish government is the main reason for the increase in cases of the corona virus. Despite more than 500 confirmed cases in Spain, the Spanish people performed in Madrid on International Women’s Day (8 March), which was attended by more than 100,000 people. No specific steps were taken by the government for this. A total of 1,09,069 infected people have been reported so far in Spain. Of which 43,208 have been cured and 14,045 have died. Italy has a very high death rate. Because of the increase in the number of infected people from COVID-19, strict steps were taken by the Spanish Government, after which the growth of new cases in Spain has reduced.

First COVID-19 case in France

First COVID-19 case in France

The first case of coronavirus positive patients in France was found on 28 January 2019. When a Chinese tourist with a corona virus-positive was admitted to a hospital in Paris. After 16 March, the French government announced the closure of non-essential services and a 15-day lockdown. This was later extended to 15 April. A total of 1,41,942 infected people have been reported so far in France. Of which 19,337 people have been cured and 10,328 have died.

Important steps taken by the German government for COVID-19

In Germany, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was found in late January. But the German government said it was ready to deal with the disease. They made preparations to stop it in its first stage and tried to reduce its exposure. The Government ordered the closure of schools, offices, universities, and borders in time. And imposed a national curfew. The first corona virus-infected patient died in Germany on 9 March 2020. A total of 1,07,663 infected people have been reported so far in Germany. Of which 36,081 people have been cured and 2,016 have died.

There are many other countries that are struggling with coronavirus. Check the number of deaths in each country on a daily basis by visiting Coronavirus Update (Live).