What is the Google algorithm? Let’s see how it works

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  • November 24, 2019
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Hello everyone, I hope all of you are good, today I will deliver some knowledge about google working process and its algorithms I hope you will take good knowledge about google working process and google algorithms. keep reading our blog and enjoy

“We know how important the internet in our life nowadays we can say the internet is part of our life.”

Whenever we search for anything on the internet we all search on google because of its trust and popularity, the whole of the world approx 90% more then the user uses Google as a search engine. when you using google one question would have risen in your mind that how to google works and what are the google algorithm so don’t worry we will get all answers about google working and google algorithms.

How is google works?

Google works in three steps as follows

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • The ranking

So let us elaborate on these three

Crawling:- Every day countless websites and webpages are uploaded on the web. As soon as a new website or web page is uploaded to the Internet, Google first crawls it and checks the content in it. After crawling any website or page properly, Google saves its data in its database. It does this with the help of the source code of the website.

Indexing:- After crawling the website or webpage, it is the second task of Google to index the website or webpage. It is believed that indexing is done in such a way that the first website is completely checked and tested on what the website or webpage is about. Is and what kind of content is this website or webpage and which category is it so that Google can index in that category and it is worth remembering that Google indexes the website in the same category as the website or webpage.

Ranking: ranking comes after crawling and indexing, which is not an easy task for Google because the ranking of any website or webpage does not depend on one factor. There is more than one factor to rank any website or webpage in the Google search engine, out of which Google algorithm is considered a very important factor. About which we are going to read in this blog. The ranking is difficult for Google because google wants to give accurate and clear information to its users.

Let us now try to learn about Google’s ranking algorithms.

These are some of Google’s ranking algorithms

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • RankBrain
  • Pigeon
  • Possum
  • Fred
  • Pirate
  • Mobilegeddon 

Panda:-Google launched the Google Panda update in February 2011 This Google update reduces the ranking of Thin, Duplicate and low-quality content or can also do out of Search Engine Results Pages that content . and gives high quality and valuable content ranks higher and better in search results. Whenever you write any content for the website or webpage, then you should remember these things.

  • Thin content
  • Duplicate content
  • Low-quality content

Penguin: -Google launched in April 2012 with Google Penguin update. It was later known as the Penguin Algorithm. Its function was to prevent link spamming and keyword stuffing. People used to do link suppression and also do keyword stuffing to rank their content. This method also used to rank bad content, which could not satisfy the user’s query. Therefore, this update was necessary for such content. So that people do not get on the rank by linking and stuffing keywords. And the user gets a satisfactory answer.

Hummingbird: – This Google update came in September 2013, due to the introduction of this algorithm, the rankings of websites have seen ups and downs. This algorithm has to find the intent of the main Goal users. When we write anything in the search box, then its relevant results are shown to us. But what we want to know from Google is not show always our Intent Related Results, so Google has brought Hummingbird update to find out the user’s intent, these updates are also useful in local SEO. Like, suppose we are searching about coffee and we also get local listings in the results which are nearby us, this work is done by this algorithm. And also show knowledge graph with the relevance of your query which you type in search box

Google Rank Brain Algorithm: – This Google update was launched in 2015, it is considered very important from the point of view of search engine optimization, it is considered a huge ranking factor. In general, it is a Google machine-learning artificial intelligence-based system that notices user movements. This algorithm works in such a way that, whenever a user types any query in the search box, the user looks for results from the search engine results pages. Now the work of Google Rank Brain algorithm starts from here, now he notices all the activities and movements of the user, whichever result the user will open and the time spent on that result and all this is noticed by Google Rank Brain Algorithm. This algorithm pays more attention to the time the user spends on the website and the CTR of that website.

Pigeon: – This Google update came in 2014. It works towards an automatic algorithm,  This is very important for local search engine optimization. it’s work in this way suppose we want to know mobile shops nearby me from google then google will show some google my business listing to me. it’s possible that the result more than one but who show at the top is near me in the distance we can soon reach as possible. this work is done by google pigeon algorithm it’s very helpful for the local and small businessmen it’s a free service from Google.     

Possum; – This algorithm was also launched by Google in September 2014 to improve local search engine optimization. This led to changes in Google’s local search results, which were very significant changes. With this update, Google’s Changes came in the view of SERPs. After this update, Google made a separate page of Google Local Listing. Google shows some top listings of its SERPs and has given the button of more places below those Google local listings, upon clicking which the user goes to the page of the local listings of Google where there are more listings.

And another important update was also that the user could also see listings from one location to another, meaning Beyond City could also search listings that were not so easy before this update you did not get the relevant result. Suppose you live in Delhi and you have to search for the best coffee shop in Noida, then you will get easier but it was not available before 2014.

Fred algorithm update: – By 2014, people had come to know that good money can be made from blogging and affiliate, this update was brought for these people. This update had a huge impact, the ranking of the website had changed. The main target of this was to influence the content which very much consists of ADS, Affiliate links, Thin content, and unnatural links. Its main target was to stop Aggressive monetization.

Pirated Google Update: – This Google update was brought in August 2012. In today’s digital age, privacy and copyright of the website is the big issue. The main function of Google pirated updates was to allocate pirated sites in their search engine results that contained a large number of copyright-infringing notes. These updates are usually filters designed to prevent sites with multiple reports of copyright infringement filed through Google’s DMCA system, from being well ranked in Google’s search listings. The filter is updated from time to time. The filter is also able to capture newly pirated sites, and also sites that were falsely accused of theft.

Google Mobile Update: – Google Mobile update was launched in April 2015, also known as mobilegeddon, mobilepocalyse and mobilecalypse this update is considered one of the most important updates. This update was mainly for websites that were not mobile-friendly because that website was losing visitors from its very presence due to not opening in mobile, which was causing an incorrect impact on the ranking of these websites. A mobile-friendly website means as your website is opening on a laptop, desktop, it should also open on mobile. Nowadays more users of the desktop are from the mobile which can greatly affect the rank of your website.