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  • December 8, 2019
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Nowadays, online marketing is growing in a big part of online ads. Online ads can increase the sales of any product and service to more than extent. With this, you can guess the power of online ads. We have made this list of online ads for you people so that you will get to know them better. In this, we will discuss the ads format from Google ads, PPC ads, Banner ads, Social Media ads and more. So let’s study them in detail.

Online ads:- Online ads are a means of marketing with the help of which you can increase the sales of your business product and service. This the cheapest source of marketing. 

1:-Google ads

  •      Google search ads(PPC ads)
  •     Google display ads (in website ads)
  •      Google showcase ads

2:- Bing ads

3:-Banner ads

4:-Mail ads

  •     Email ads
  •     Gmail ads

5:- Retargeting ads

6:- Social Media ads

  •       Facebook ads
  •       Twitter ads
  •       Tumblr ads
  •       Instagram ads
  •       LinkedIn ads
  •       Pinterest ads
  •       Reddit ads

7:- Flash ads

8:- Mobile ads

9:- Video ads

10:- Youtube ads 

online ads

First of all, we know about Google’s ads. What kind of ads does google give? Google promote your website with three types of ads

  • Google search ads
  • Google Display ads
  • Google Showcase Shopping ads

Google Search ads: – We also know these ads pay per click(PPC). These ads show in Google search engine result pages and on Google’s partner website(Adsense approved website). Paying a certain amount to an advertiser on every click on these ads is therefore called pay per click(PPC).

Google Display ads: – These ads will be seen on the Google product (eg YouTub) and Google Partner website. It would not be wrong to call them Google display ads. These are highlighted image banner ads that you will be seen at the top of the many websites. These ads are shown by the Google Display Network.

Google Showcase ads: – When you search a query related to a product on Google, you see some image sponsored ads in search engine result pages, which are called Google Showcase ads. Just like you searched for shoes for men, you will see images of some shoes, these are called Google Showcase ads.

Bing ads: – These are exactly like Google PPC ads Here too the advertiser has to pay a fixed amount for every click. That’s all, Google ads are operated from Google Adwords account and Bing ads are operated from Microsoft adCenter.

Banner ads: – If you use the internet, then it is possible that you will have gone the many websites throughout the day, out of which you must have seen Banner’s format ads on top, left, right and bottom on some websites, these are called Banners ads. now banner ads you will have seen on youtube and mobile apps too.

There are millions of mails accounts available in the world, it can prove to be a good source for online ads. And online marketers use it very well. two types of mail ads are the available hare

Email ads: Email here means the mail sent from webmail to the user, who mail promote the product, service or any other things. Email advertisements may be used to notify customers of certain promotions, discounts, or new features for other uses. Also use email for remarketing 

Gmail ads: Gmail means this is a free mail service provided by Google. Almost every person who uses the Internet will have at least a Gmail account and marketers also use these mail accounts for Gmail ads. In your mailbox, you saw the promotion and social inbox written ads in front of some mails and these are called Gmail ads.

Retargeting ads:-It is not wrong to call retargeting ads as remarketing ads. They are the same. Retarget ads are made keeping in mind your web history. Whatever website you open or browse in your browser and how much time you spend on each website, these are saved in your browser history and cookies. With the help of these, retargeting ads are generated.

For example  – You open the shopping website in your web browser, search the man’s shoes and see and close it. After that, if you open a new website Facebook you will see Shoe ads on the website. these ads are retargeting ads that are made with the help of your web history and cookies.

online ads

Social media is the fastest-growing site where more than billions of posts are uploaded in a day there is a lot of traffic on these websites. A lot of accounts are also created in a day.

So let’s discuss ads running on some Famous social media websites.

Facebook ads:- Facebook ads are of so many different forms and each of them has its own kind of pros and cons. Facebook is the world’s largest social media website with a lot of traffic. Facebook is a very good website on which you can directly connect with your target audience and promote your product and service very well.

You must have seen sponsor ads on your intended basis on Facebook whenever you have done it on your Facebook website or application.

Market advertisements appear in the side columns of the Facebook website with a title, copy, and an image.

Example of facebook ad

Promoted posts are Facebook ads that pay advertisers a flat rate to promote posts on their Facebook business page. Promoted posts reach fans and friends of fans more than regular posts.

Sponsored stories show the user’s interaction with a user’s friends and advertiser page or product for a large network. Sponsored stories are also a form of Facebook ads that can appear in a user’s newsfeed.

Twitter ads: -Twitter is also a very big website on social media. Billions are tweeted on Twitter every day. There are big personalities on Twitter to share their views. These big personalities are big politicians, CEOs of big companies And also actors. Twitter is a very large social media network.

Twitter ads can make your business bigger. Twitter can use to extend the reach of their tweets, promote a chosen hashtag, or gain more followers. Twitter ads also Promoted Accounts, letting advertisers show up more often in Twitter’s Who to Follow recommendation feature. Promoted Trends gets your custom hashtag in the Trends bar, earning additional attention and notice from the Twitterverse. 

Tumblr ads: – Tubular is also a very good social networking platform to promote Business through ads. The main reason for this is the everyday traffic on Tumblr. Every day, more than billions are uploaded on Tumblr. Even more, visitors come to this site.

You will get to see many types of ads on Tumblr such as Video ads, Image ads, Text ads. Tumblr also offers sponsored internet posts ads, which are parts of Tumblr content created by advertisers, which appear in users’ main dashboard feeds, integrated with generic, user-generated content. These Tumblr ads have small-dollar signs to mark them as ad content. 

online ads

Instagram ads: – Instagram is the world’s fastest-growing social media website. Instagram has made a very good name in this internet world at less time. There was no facility of ads on Instagram before but now since Facebook bought Instagram, ads have started coming in it. Instagram users are increasing day by day. And Adult has the highest number of users using Instagram. Which has greatly benefited the clothing and footwear industry,

On Instagram, you can see stories, images, videos, and types of Carousel ads and you will also see them.

LinkedIn ads: – LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. These are the best sites for B2B (Business2Business) ads if your target audience is a business audience. So this linden can benefit you immensely. Because most of LinkedIn’s users are professional users who are involved with some profession.

LinkedIn ads formats can be of this type

  • Lead Gen Forms (can be used with Sponsored Content & Sponsored InMail).
  • Dynamic ads
  • Direct Sponsored Content
  • Text ads
  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail

Pinterest ads: -Pinterest is a social image sharing site in which more than crores images are shared and uploaded. Pinterest continues to grow day by day and is now a very prestigious site.

Pinterest ads are simply pieces of content pinned by brands and advertisers. When marketing a specific product, marketers create Pinterest ads by adding a dollar sign before the price amount for the description.

Reddit ads: -Reddit is an American website on which people do social news aggregation, web content ratings and discussion “. According to Alexa, Reddit is the 6th website that outstripped LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. according to march 2019’s more than 1.6 billion visits on Reddit.

Reddit ads can be interpreted as ads that include a component title, alternate picture, and target URL.

Reddit ads deal with a proposal-based structure, where supporters can set a plan for war spending and choose the extent to which their crusade is needed to continue. Reddit takes to offer a portion of the paranormal focusing on advertising options and is very financially savvy, along with the insignificant expense of per-capita.

Flash ads:: A Flash ad is an animated web advertisement, created using Flash technology. These ads are such may very short films and can contain sound and are interactive so that they force the user to react. Image ads are static, while flash ads are probably a series of images, like slideshows or animated advertisements.

Mobile ads: – If they are called apps ads, it will not be wrong as they usually come in the apps used in mobile. Mobile app ads are mostly made from AdMob ads format. Mobile ads usually give you pop ads, text ads, video ads, audio ads, image ads, banner ads, and gif ads.

Video ads: – There are many video sharing and uploading sites in the world like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Twitch and more. More Videos are uploaded on these sites than the Millions and loans are also shared by Videos. Advertisers run their product and service ads in popular videos, most likes and most views videos, which are shown in the middle of videos. They are just like the TV ads coming in during a cricket match.

online ads

YouTube ads: – YouTube is the world’s largest video uploading, sharing and watching site. The Youtube website has been listed as one of the highest traffic websites in the world. People on this site like to watch videos more. And marketers take advantage of this to target popular videos for ads.

The following types of ads are shown on YouTube.

skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, video discovery ads, out-stream ads, and banner ads.