Is India on the way to enter Stage 3 Coronavirus? Has the government failed?

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  • March 31, 2020
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While many efforts are being made by the Indian government to control Coronavirus, on the other hand, the number of its patients is increasing day by day. New cases of coronavirus positive people are coming up in various states of India. So far 27 people have died due to Corona virus in India and about 1000 cases of infected people have been reported, out of which 96 people have fully recovered. But looking at the current state of India, it seems that if the situation remains the same then in a few days India may enter stage 3 of Coronavirus. Due to which India can face the terrible situation seen in big countries like Italy, China, and Spain. Due to which it can spread in the country on a large scale and there can be a huge jump in the number of deaths in the country.

Different stages of Coronavirus

COVID-19 - Coronavirus

Stage 2, called local transmission. In this, the virus is spread in people who come in contact with a person infected with Coronavirus from another country. It usually spreads to family members or close ones. In this stage, it is easy to trace the source of infection, locate infected people and quarantine them. Stage 3 of Coronavirus is called Community Transmission. It makes it difficult to detect the source of infection. And if it spreads on a large scale, it becomes difficult to control it. And, stage 4 takes the form of an epidemic. China and Italy are countries that have faced Stage 4 Coronavirus.

In other countries, the delay in taking steps to protect against a dangerous virus-like coronavirus proved to be a major mistake for them. Today, other big countries are facing an outbreak of COVID-19 and trying to deal with its Stage 3 community spread.. The number of deaths in other countries is increasing day by day. In Italy, its outbreak has been seen on a large scale, from which many countries should learn a lesson. Let us know what steps the Government of India has taken to save its countrymen.

Steps taken by the Government of India

After seeing the devastation of Corona virus in other countries, the Indian government soon took strict steps to protect its citizens from the outbreak of this dangerous virus. They decided to bring back citizens engaged in business or any other work in other countries. The government brought Indians back to India from various countries. The government informed the people about the Corona virus by various means and suggested ways to avoid it and advised them to be safe. And the government made preparations to save people from this disease on a large scale.

Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in various states of India, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi suggested people wear masks and clean their hands with soap or sanitizer periodically to avoid this. He asked people to support the “Janta curfew” on March 22, 2020, and appealed to them not to leave their homes from 7 am to 9 pm. After a successful trial of the Janata curfew, he realized the importance of avoiding the disease and announced a 21-day lockdown in India, which would continue until April 14 and appealed to the people to remain where they are.

Problems facing the Government of India

In this lockdown period of 21 days, the Government of India faced major problems.

Lockdown violation

Despite the ongoing lockdown across the country, many people are violating the lockdown, who have been found outside their homes without any necessary work. Despite repeated denials by the police, many are not following the lockdown rules properly.

Social Distancing

Stage 3 Coronavirus

The best way to prevent corona virus is social distancing and hygienic life. But there are still many people in India who do not even know the meaning of it or are not following the rules of social distancing properly. During the lockdown period, a crowd of lakhs of people going to their respective villages gathered at Anand Vihar Bus Terminal in Delhi. During which social distancing, the biggest rule of defense from Corona virus, was completely violated.

People flee

After the lockdown, the working-class people left for their villages from their respective places of residence. In the absence of any means of transportation, he has left for the journey of several kilometers. Migrating people can also be infected people, due to which the infection can spread easily to other people. The government is facing many difficulties in stopping so many people at one place, during which they also have to follow social distancing.

If the situation remains the same and no strict steps are taken by the government or the people of India, then no one can stop India from entering Stage 3 coronavirus. And they too may have to face a situation like Italy and China. Therefore, if the people of India do not want India not to enter stage 3 coronavirus, then they will have to follow the rules imposed by the government and adopt the methods of protection against the coronavirus. So friends, wash and clean your hands in a short period of time and do not touch the eyes, nose, and mouth again and again. Follow the rules of social distancing at home also.

Stay Home, Stay Safeā€¦