What is Artificial Intelligence and how will it change the glory of human life?

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  • September 2, 2019
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Hello friends, so here we will solve one of your problems as to what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what are the business sectors which are waiting for AI implementation in their field so that they can change the preview of their business.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence makes bots capable and efficient in deciding to work on basic leadership by making machines more advanced. It gives machines the ability to react like humans and deal with a wide variety of situations. It helps in dealing with the problems regularly faced by humans, by analyzing various situations. And decides with the autonomy to make tomorrow a wonderful and magnificent one. With the help of AI, machines can often act like humans and also react according to the situation if they had sufficient information. In the technology industry, AI plays an important role in upgrading robotics.

What are the Business Sectors looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implementation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the fastest growing industries. Every business sector is waiting for the implementation of AI and is investing heavily in it. In the future, in most areas, you will be able to observe the presence of AI easily. This will make human life less hard and convenient. Here is a list of select industries that will use AI technology extensively in the future.

Retail Industry

AI in retail industry

The retail industry is one of the other industries eagerly awaiting AI implementation. Because the cost of the retail industry is increasing all over the world. Retailers who are troubled by excess or under-supply of the product. Because with this, they will be able to efficiently detect the demand for that particular product. It will make the shopping experience easier for its customers by providing faster and better customer support with chatbots, robots or digital assistants, virtual trial rooms, etc. Industry customers will be able to experience goods before purchasing. It is anticipated that within a few years, chatbots will be able to manage a large number of customers independently.

Healthcare Industry

AI in Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence has endless potential in the healthcare and pharma industries. Researchers in the healthcare and pharma industry will be able to diagnose the disease with precision. New drugs will become easier to detect faster. Prediction of diseases, identifying high-risk patient groups, automating clinical trials and increasing the speed and accuracy of treatment will help. AI-based examples that are currently in use in the healthcare industry, such as virtual nurses, robotics assistance, help in analyzing complex data such as X-ray and CT scans, and other areas.

Education Industry

Artificial Intelligence in Education Industry

According to research, it has been found that the education industry will undergo a revolutionary change in a few years. And, AI will play an important role in that revolutionary change. Facial recognition a part of AI, with this technique, teachers will be able to find out which child is struggling, bored, or asleep by looking at the students’ facial expressions. AI is capable of creating personalized and effective learning with a standard of accuracy for any discipline, which can bring a great revolution in the education industry.

Banking and Finance

Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Financing

A huge investment has been made by the banking sector for the implementation of AI in the future. In the future, the banking sector will be able to take advantage of some of the advancements by AI implementation such as risk assessment, easy detection of fraud, prevention of suspicious activities, secure online payments and many more. With the help of chat-bots, customers will be able to discuss their financial issues with the bank 24/7 through voice records and text messages without any hassle. These bots will analyze the customer’s preferences and provide the best services as they want.

Manufacturing Industry

Work performed by Robots by using Artificial Intelligence

The manufacturing industry will be able to generate more profit in the market with AI implementation and will be able to expand on a large scale. By automating the daily basis of human tasks, work will be done efficiently and effectively. With AI advancements, work done will be more error-free and of higher quality. Assembly lines operated by robots to rapidly detect technical abnormalities and deviations from quality standards to enhance product quality. More intricately and time-consuming tasks can be done by robots so that others can focus on the rest of the important tasks.

Transportation & Automotive Industry

Artificial Intelligence used in Transportation & Automotive Industry

In the transportation and automotive industries, Artificial Intelligence can save a lot of time and kilometers for humans. Such as a self-driving car for which you do not have to depend on other drivers. It will self-detect obstructions such as stones, barricades, stairs, etc. coming in its radar range. Its route optimization technology will help you find the easiest and nearest route, which is currently being used as GPS. Its monitoring feature will analyze the current physical status of the driver with the help of its sensors, to reduce the risk of an accident.


AI in cyber security

In the future, everyone will know about AI and will also take advantage of it, but some people will also misuse it. It is also believed that AI can be used by hackers for cyber attacks. Talking about cyber security, humans are the weakest link. But if some people use it for offensive cyber attacks then it will also be used to avoid those cyber attacks. It will automatically recognize the threats and prevent your devices from them. It will identify any type of malicious activity by analyzing its predefined data and lists.

There are a large number of industries that are awaiting AI implementation in the future, so that they too can take advantage of it and expand their business. Such as Construction, City Planning, Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment, Fashion, Telecommunication, Agriculture and other industries.